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Pastors are expected to give of their time and their mental, emotional and spiritual energy day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. They perform demanding, personal ministries – preach, teach, pray, counsel, visit, and witness – with little reward and recognition and little chance to be nourished and refreshed in the midst of all their duties. This creates an aggravated situation that should be addressed.

Redeemer Lives Ministry is addressing this need by setting up an inviting, refreshing environment for all the Christian Pastors to enjoy. There is not a single lending library or any quite and comfortable place to study in all of Wewak. Therefore, Redeemer Lives Ministry has set aside space to provide a resource and study library especially for pastors.

The aim is to not only to provide useful facilities, but to express affirmation and appreciation to the pastors for who they are and for the service they give the Lord and his people. We are determined to make this a haven, an oasis for these choicest of the Lord’s servants.

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