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Ministry Skills

A large part of our ministry is woking with church leaders to identify training needs then to organize suitable training so that skills in these areas can be learned and practiced and taught to others.

A number of years ago, Reggie and Susan ran a Church Administration School that impacted the lives of a couple hundred men and women, and through them, impacted literally thousands more. Students came in for three weeks of very intensive, hands-on training. They learned Bible Study Methods, Basic Bookkeeping, Typing, Planning, Budgeting, Business Principles and other administrative tasks. The students were trained to teach two courses in their home areas and they went back and did a wonderful job. The Bible Study Methods course they taught to well over 3000 people. The Church Treasurers course was also taught to the appropriate people. It is this type of training that has genuine impact and the need for it is great.

Training needs to be provided for:

Church Administrators
Bible School Administrators and Teachers
Church Youth Leaders
Church Women's Group Leaders
Childrens Workers
Music Ministry Leaders
Literacy Teachers and Teacher Trainers

There is a great hunger for such training and the needs are ongoing. This training will be planned and administered according to the priorities set by the CBC National Office.



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